I was struggling with knowing where to go in the graphic design field, and know if it was right for me at all. I was having issues understanding how to be a freelance designer, and the pros and cons between a freelancer and working with a company.

After working with Alana, one of the biggest things I noticed was that I become stronger in how I felt about some of my design work and my abilities. I also became more confident approaching clients, looking for work with and finding the best way to approach a job. The biggest take away was definitely the confidence I gained.

The coaching sessions opened my eyes to see that I’m not the only one who is struggling with these different issues. I found Alana amazing to talk to and very insightful for everything, especially when I had unexpected hiccups with working with some clients. - Charlsie M., Designer


Alana is the quintessential coach. Her easy encouraging friendly manner was a good match for me and it achieved great results. Her years of experience has afforded her the ability to instinctually recognize where your vulnerability lies, zero in on them and reveal them to you. This allows you to work on them toward successful outcomes. Anyone being coached by this professional would be advised to take notes because as you interact with Alana, you are not aware of the amount of knowledge, wisdom and experience she is imparting. As I look back at my notes, I say thank goodness I did. I always felt important and she made me realize how much value I had to offer clients with my skill sets ie: creativity, knowledge of the graphic design tools.

In our sessions Alana asked me to set certain goals that I wanted to achieve and then set a time frame to do so. Remarkably, I achieved all of those goals in a quick time frame. Most importantly, I have engaged a new client securing a contract, along with follow on work carded for the rest of this and next year. - R.Bacon


Alana is extremely intuitive and understood my vision immediately. She transformed me from being ashamed of my brand and reluctant to even hand out a business card, to super excited and proud of all my marketing. She has a unique talent to see what you can't, show you in a way that makes so much sense, and then helps transform your brand into something amazing. – SHEILA KENNEDY, Thrive & Alive Coaching


All I can say is WOW. Within few minutes, I knew Alana was the real deal. I have worked with a lot of branding specialists before, yet none of them were able to pin point down how to visually brand my brands. But Alana was able to in a span of few minutes. I would recommend Alana to everyone - whether you are an entrepreneur or a musician or etc., she will bring the best out of you. Thank you so much again! – CLAIR KIM, Clairly Designed