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What is a supermaven?

A SUPERMAVEN is a savvy entrepreneur who knows how to level up, power up, and confidently embrace the glory.


  • Ready to ditch all traces of unfulfilled potential.

  • Done with being stuck and spinning those wheels.

  • Owns her expertise and strengths.

  • Leads her business with confidence and courage.

  • Builds a million-dollar mindset each and every day.

  • Earns real money, not just hobby money.

  • Handles shitstorms with ease and grace.

  • Is the hero of her own story.

If deep down you know you can do better, but keep falling short of where you want to go, and where you KNOW you need to be, then Supermavens is for you.

So what is this 12-week coaching program, REALLY???

Supermavens™ is a one on one coaching program led by me, Alana Ruoso. I’ve helped build dozens of multi-million dollar brands and I know what it takes to create a business that people notice - and want to buy from.

Together we tackle the three Bs:

Business, Branding & Bravery.


I help you....

  • develop a step-by-step marketing plan so you know how to put yourself out there and attract the right clients/customers.

  • define your Ideal Client. Know exactly who wants to buy from you right now.

  • write copy that sells.

  • learn when and where to outsource for your specific needs.

  • streamline your business in the form of processes, people and marketing tools.

  • create an easy-to-execute social media plan.

  • develop MSI - multiple streams of income. This is imperative to create a sustainable and profitable business, and ensures you have a life outside of work. No more staying up till 2am working harder and harder. MSI can include digital products (ebooks, courses), brand extension in the form of new products or services, public speaking gigs, or an online store. The possibilities are endless, and super exciting!

  • choose exactly the right digital tools you need to succeed. Mailchimp? Infusionsoft? Thinkific? I help you with it all.

  • save $$$ - sometimes thousands upon thousands - by avoiding the most common and costly mistakes entrepreneurs make in their first few years of business.


  • develop a look and feel for your brand that makes you ridiculously excited to share your company with clients and customers. No more ‘branding shame’.

  • create a website you love.

  • attract sales by becoming easily recognizable and respected online.

  • learn how to consistently build your brand via marketing outreach and social media.

  • teach you where you can DIY it to save $$$

  • find the RIGHT people to hire so you can efficiently generate the branding tools you need.

  • show you where NOT to spend money on your branding so you can spend that cash elsewhere - and keep enjoying those chai latté runs!


  • let go of your old stories that are keeping you STUCK

  • ditch the feelings of overwhelm and “I can’t do this”.

  • say 'buh-bye' to indecisiveness. Yes, you can make great decisions and stick with them.

  • gain courage and confidence in your abilities as an entrepreneur.

  • develop a wealth consciousness mindset that will propel your business to the next level.

  • learn easy and fun mindset techniques that you will want to do daily (no boring weirdo meditations with seagulls squawking into your headphones. Promise.)

  • create a vision for your business that gets you excited. Every. Single. Day.

  • learn techniques for dealing with any negative people in your life. Maybe you know one or two??

  • step into your greatness. Yes, you CAN do this.

  • get paid what you are worth and make more money. Because you are a supermaven.

Your investment: $2,500. Payment plans available!

Not sure if you are ready to invest in Supermavens? Let’s chat - no fee, no pressure - and I can answer all of your burning questions. Book a clarity call here.

Ready to become a Supermaven?

Still have questions? Hop over to the Supermavens FAQ page.