Looking to build a trustworthy brand that customers can't wait to buy from – AND makes you real money? Then grab that chai latté and cozy up with a copy of the digital ebook Million Dollar Brands: 6 Secrets to Building + Designing a Powerful Brand.

The question you, the savvy entrepreneur, should be asking yourself is 'how does the world experience your brand?' What do they see and how does it make them feel? Your brand is more than a logo and Million Dollar Brands lays it all out for any entrepreneur looking to nip, tuck, or totally reconstruct the impact of their visual presence.
Folded into a tight and succinct package that’s easy to follow and implement as you go, Million Dollar Brands shares 6 secrets to planning and designing a brand that’s built to last. Dive into proven tactics around strategy, design, and imagery, followed up by detail-driven actionable items that completely remove the mystery of creating a captivating brand. Learn how to build an empire that embodies the visual and emotional components of a million dollar brand.
Easy to read, packed with tips and tricks, and compelling from start to finish. Define your brand with ease and watch it come to life - for less cash than your venti half-calf coconut milk macchiato.

Available for purchase. 20 power-packed pages.

To your brave success,
Alana Ruoso, RGD.

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