Happy Summer, Brave Ones!

A short post to announce the official shifting of gears in my business.

I am moving totally away from brand consulting and into specifically coaching Designers + Creatives! I have updated the copy of my website, and more changes to come. I came to realize that yes, Designers + Creatives are my people, the people I know best, and it gives me great joy to work with them.

This may seem so obvious to many that I am moving in this direction, but I have resisted this path. Oh, have I resisted! The fact is I have resisted being a designer most of my career. I wanted to do other things and give it up entirely - become a totally different person (more on this to come). But then in recent years, these amazing designers kept showing up in my life who needed guidance, mentoring and coaching. And then I realized that my career was effortlessly dovetailing into a new, totally engaging niche for me and my business.

There are too many designers out there staying stuck, falling short and giving up on their career dreams. I hope I change that for a few. The first ten years of my design career were rough. I want others to learn from my mistakes and propel them forward to their own version of success. I have been coaching for a few years now, and while I have worked with clients from all backgrounds and have loved it, I feel in my bones that this is now the official path for me.

To your brave success,