Keeping fonts fab

Lately I have been asked a ton of questions about fonts and how it they can support a brand, so here is a tidbit to help your brand shine. Of course, fonts alone do not make a brand, but great typography can absolutely help to create a brand that is engaging and inspiring. And 100% profesh.

And while it is sooooo fun to play with fonts and there are thousands of really amazing ones out there, but I’m putting you on strict typography diet. You need a maximum of two fonts to effectively design all of your branding elements (business card, postcards, website, etc.). Remember, with every font you also have bold and italic options for adding emphasis, so you are not as limited as you might think.

When choosing your two fonts, always select typefaces that are in visual contrast with one another. For example, mix a sans serif font (like Helvetica, Gills Sans, or Proxima) with a serif font (like Garamond, Baskerville, or Lora). Or use a sans serif font with a script font (ie: Monterey, Embassy, or Edwardian Script). This is a tried and true formula and will enable you to keep your designs engaging without being busy or overwhelming. The more contrast you have between your two fonts, the better your engagement and legibility.

In addition, choose clean, simple fonts. Legibility trumps aesthetics - always. Also, remember to think about people who may be visually impaired and make your type as easy to read as possible. Accessibility is a big issue these days, especially in web design, and as many people as possible should be able to read your content.

And one last note: do NOT decide to throw in a random font unless it is for a one-off specific program or product that is short lived and needs its own mini identity. Keep it simple when it comes to design and surprise! The rest of your life feels a little simpler, too.

To your brave success,