Nothing is Expensive

Full disclaimer - I am not a financial guru.

But I do consider myself a mindset maven.

I believe your thoughts become your feelings, which create your reality.

I believe what you you think about all the time shows up in your life. Especially when you add an emotional charge to it.

I believe if you spend time thinking about what you DON’T want, that crap will manifest into your life faster than you can say, “Get that crap away from me.”

And so, for that reason, I believe it is imperative that one word be completely banned from your life:


If you are someone who complains all the time that things are expensive, then chances are you are frustrated with your financial situation.

Because every single time you say something is ‘expensive’, what you are actually saying is, “I can’t afford that”.

And every time you say, “I can’t afford that”, you are repelling abundance and all things good from coming into your life.

You are telling the universe that yup, I am poor and can’t have that. Even if that isn’t at all true on paper.

You will never be a SuperMaven if you see things as expensive vs cheap.

Never, ever, ever say something is expensive.

Because it isn’t.

Every item has a monetary amount attached to it, and it is not expensive or cheap or fair. It just is.

Whether you choose to spend money on it is another matter. It depends if the product or service has enough value in it for you to fork over the cash.

See how you can shift the mindset around it?

When I see a $250 bottle of wine, I don’t ever say, “Whoa, that is expensive!". I just choose not to buy it. Because it doesn’t hold enough value for me to spend that quantity of money on it. It doesn't bring me a lot of joy. I am very happy with my $15 bottles of pinot prigio (the one with the dachshund on the label).

But someone else - like a sommelier - might find a ton of happiness in that $250 bottle. They might feel totally fulfilled and excited with the purchase because it is of true value to them. If they hand over the cash with joy, then it is a win win situation.

Saying something is expensive is, for many, a hard habit to break. I believe this is because many of us have a deep-seeded need to remain poor (poor people are more altruistic and who doesn’t want to be like Mother Teresa?! MT was totally rich btw), and it helps us bond with the masses.

Here is a simple trick to combat that negative reflex reaction of claiming something is expensive.

Instead of responding with “That is too expensive!” every time you pick up something with a fat sticker price, just say:

“Wow, isn’t that interesting”.

Approach it with curiosity.

Curiosity has a more positive charge, and it doesn’t suggest you can’t have it, or deserve it.

Saying, “Isn’t that interesting” also removes all judgement from the situation. And money loves to gravitate towards a judgement free zone, mavens!

This will create a HUGE shift in your money mindset.

I literally shudder every time someone says something is expensive. It simply isn’t true.

Try banning expensive from your vocabulary for a month and see how much better you feel. Don’t be surprised if more cash finds its way to you, too.

To your brave success,