Are you giving yourself gold stars?  

I hope you have. I have definitely not. 

What I mean is, I have not been acknowledging my small (sometimes teeny tiny) accomplishments and successes as I embark on launching a new coaching business.

For my entire life, I have been extremely uncomfortable with praise or celebrating 'wins'. If I get an award or simply positive feedback, I get very embarrassed and my mind immediately jumps to, "I'd rather not hear this because I don't really believe it." I want to go all 'ear muffs' from Wedding Crashers.

Clearly, I have some interesting issues here. In addition, I have a deep fear of being seen as narcissistic, full of myself and ego-driven (more on this someday, but a narc parent often seals the deal on this issue). This fear, which is ultimately self-sabotage, has led me to shut down and/or block out even small moments of accomplishment. The result? I'm skimming over the things that really do matter and that deserve attention. I'm resisting letting things 'sink in'.

Last night I had a check-in call with my coach and I told her I hit my small but significant goal of selling a certain number of Million Dollar Brands ebooks in August. She asked me if I celebrated that accomplishment. My response was, "Um ya, I think so. I think I had a glass of wine with my husband?" Weak. Soooo weak. I really didn't have a clear, strong answer. In retrospect, I should have honoured the joy of reaching my goal by simply giving it more conscious attention. Why?

Acknowledging small accomplishments attracts bigger accomplishments.

It powers the way to more goodness. Harnessing the energy of success, no matter how tiny, allows more success to come your way. Like attracts like. If you really want to brand up + be seen, you have to start small and ALLOW the baby wins to mushaboom into bigger ones. The fact is, most of us can't go from 0 to 60 overnight, especially if we are branching out into new entrepreneurial territory. So it is important to prime our brains for continued success by saying to it, "Hey brain, this awesome thing just happened and I want you to get used to how it feels because more is coming your way! Hang tight!"

So, starting now, I am going to keep a short and sweet handwritten list in my journal of all my small accomplishments. At least for the month of September, I will take a few seconds to physically record - and soak in - any goals I have hit, no matter how small. I'm curious to see how this will transpire and if I will get any more comfortable with it my 'wins' as I go along. I have always believed there is something magical that happens when we put pen to paper with intention and purpose. Let the experiment begin...

To your brave success,