I almost did it. I almost pulled a total fakeroo social media move. 

Luckily I caught myself in the act and shut that shit down.

This past Monday I was planning a post for #mavenmonday which is my version of #motivationmonday. I wanted something inspiring to set the tone for the week, and something that suggested courage as I believe that is the most crucial part of being an entrepreneur. For just a split second, I was going to share the image you see in this blog post - moi in the garden - with the caption "Monday. Let's do this'. 

"Perfect!", I thought. But after a few moments, the post felt all kinds of wrong. Something didn't sit right in the pit of my stomach.

At this point I said to myself, "Hold your horses. Shut the front door. Sit the eff down." 

I realized I was creating a social media post based on what others were doing, and what I thought others would like. Not good. This is completely inauthentic. Currently the coaching industry is flooded with intense, high-octane motivational types who tell you things like, "You and Beyoncé have the same 24hrs in a day." UGGG. Barfy. I felt my little #mavenmonday post was in this vein, even if it was not quite as aggressive.

The fact is, "Let's do this" is NOT something I would say. It is NOT my language. It is NOT my voice.  It is NOT my brand. I can't write posts like this because not only is it super dumb, it won't attract the clients that I can serve best. Long term, a bunch of posts like that and suddenly I have a brand that is unrecognizable to me.

And more importantly, I was not feeling a "Let's do this" vibe at all on Monday. How was I feeling? Well, I woke up with what felt like a brutal hangover even though I hadn't had a drop of alcohol all weekend. My headache turned into a migraine and I spent a lot of the afternoon curled up in a dark room. There was definitely not much work getting done on my part. It was a day for me to surrender - thanks, total eclipse energy! - and just take care of myself. I drank tons of water (I was dehydrated from too much work outside on the weekend), embraced OTC drugs, and hung out with my dog, Dolly. I then hopped on a cool FB live by Vanessa Corazon and passively sat back and enjoyed learning some new things. Randomly I also called Rogers and got $60 of my monthly bill. Score. I guess the secret to effective negotiation is to be on pain killers?!?? Lol.

It ended up being a good day. It was, in fact, a #mavenmonday. I rolled with punches and accomplished the bare minimum of what I needed to do. Given my migraine, I am giving myself an official gold star. And I really know it was a #mavenmonday as I woke up the next day feeling 100% better and actually wanting to be productive. I definitely didn't say "Let's do this", but I did take a deep breath and say, "Thank you" to whoever was listening.

To your brave success,