Colour me consistent

Today, in celebration of Million Dollar Brands which launched on Monday, here is a short excerpt from the book. Enjoy!

While I encourage you to get creative with colour to help craft your unique brand story, I often see people throw in a random bright colour just to “liven things up.” This will, in fact, do nothing to further advance your brand. Yes, you will get bored of using the same colours over and over and over again. But that is actually a good thing. It means you are being consistent and thoughtful. I promise you, your clients will develop a deeper connection to your brand through the visual repetition of your colour palette. They won’t be bored. Instead they will see your company as trustworthy, stable, and polished.

More on colour to come, including why I ended up using red in my branding - and I don't even really like red!

To your brave success,


Photo: Kace Rodriguez