Some people think business cards are dead. I could not disagree more.

We live n a world of high-tech digital platforms and supersonic hype, there is still one traditional piece of promotional material every entrepreneur must have:

The business card.

Humble and small, simple but mighty, the business card is here to stay. And you need to know how to make it work for you. Just because you can quickly design and order cards online, doesn’t mean the task should be taken lightly.

Entrepreneurs amass a ton of business cards and yes, many get tossed into the recycling bin. But a clean, a well-designed business card can speak volumes about you – and your business. It can help you look professional and established, and it will fire you up to hustle and network. Plain and simple, if you card looks great then it is more likely to be cherished by clients. And the longer your card hangs around, the more chance you have of staying relevant.

If you are still wondering why you really need to put time, energy and cold hard cash into a killer business card, consider this –

Entrepreneurs who hand out cards they know suck tend to:

• Slump their shoulders.
• Shuffle their feet.
• Feel obligated to highlight their overwhelming sense of ‘branding shame’.

Sooo not sexy.

In contrast, entrepreneurs who dole out cards they love tend to:

• Stand tall.
• Radiate confidence and pride.
• Spend time talking about their awesome business and not why they have a cheap and crappy card.


Which entrepreneur do you think is more likely to attract new clients and business?

Believe it or not, with just a little piece of paper, you are either attracting business or pushing it away. There are subconscious thoughts that enter a client’s judgmental brain when they look at your business card. Without even being aware of it, they are either thinking ‘yeah, I like the look of this company’ or ‘ugg, I’m not really digging this’. More importantly, the energy you bring forward when handing over your card can dramatically affect your business. You have a much better chance of emitting positive vibes if you are excited to share your card with others.

Branding shame – that horrible, heavy embarrassment you feel when your visual identity is not up to par – is going to keep you playing small and feeling stuck. Rid yourself of that crappy feeling by spending time and energy on developing a kick– ass brand with rock star cards to match.

And while a little ol’ business card may not necessarily make or break a deal, as part of an overall branding package, it can be your first step in feeling great about your entrepreneurial dream.

To your brave success,