A lesson in patience

I feel like I have been saying this for-ev-ah, but my new ebook, Million Dollar Brands: 6 Secrets to Building Your Empire, is almost here. July 31st is the official launch date! 

This ebook began last fall when I knew entrepreneurs needed a clear, easy-to-understand guide to branding. I wanted to create my own version of a Branding 101 book, distilled down to a quick but super valuable read. I know it will help so many biz owners power up their branding game. So why the delay??

Surprise - the writing process has taken much longer than I expected. I am not the fastest writer (yet!), and I didn't anticipate the editing process would take as long as it has. And while I have found myself huffing and puffing at times because it all feels to be dragging, I'm reminding myself daily that I am indeed moving forward.

Yes, the book WILL be available soon. 

Yes, I did sit my ass down for hours and hours at a time, despite being tired and less than inspired some days, and I wrote.  

And I wrote and wrote some more. 

And that is the heart of entrepreneurship.  

Take baby steps if you have to. Keep moving forward. Keep your goal top of mind. 

Do what you said you were going to do, even if it takes longer than you said it would. 

And without further ado, here is the official blurb for Million Dollar Brands. Your digital copy will be available at www.alanaruoso.com/shop July 31st!

The question you, the savvy entrepreneur, should be asking yourself is 'how does the world experience your brand?' What do they see and how does it make them feel? Your brand is more than a logo and Million Dollar Brands lays it all out for any entrepreneur looking to nip, tuck, or totally reconstruct the impact of their visual presence.

Folded into a tight and succinct package that’s easy to follow and implement as you go, Million Dollar Brands shares 6 secrets to planning and designing a brand that’s built to last. Dive into proven tactics around strategy, design, and imagery, followed up by detail-driven actionable items that completely remove the mystery of creating a captivating brand. Learn how to build an empire that embodies the visual and emotional components of a million dollar brand.

Easy to read, packed with tips and tricks, and compelling from start to finish. Define your brand with ease and watch it come to life.

To your brave success,