Time for me to get brave

Hello, Mavens!

It has been a while... I'm excited to connect with you all again.

2017 started off with a bang, but not the good kind. More on that another time, but I can say with relief and joy that my doggie Dolly is healing (yes, miracles do happen) and I'm getting back on track with my business. I kinda got hit with a tornado, but I'm alive and well and things are GOOD.

My big announcement I want to share is that my business will now be branded under my own name. Markabee will remain the legal biz name, but after a few months of thought and deliberation (and some WTF moments), I've decided that really, I am the brand and need to fully step into that responsibility. I admit this makes me feel nauseous at certain moments, but I truly believe that Fortune Favours the Brave. Hop over to alanaruoso.com and check it out!

I am laughing just a little bit - ok, maybe a LOT - because I wrote in some detail how I came up with the name 'Markabee'. You can see the blog post here.

And while I love the name Markabee, which is inspired by the Italian word 'marca' for 'brand', I know that I need to ditch it if I want to expand my business beyond marketing + branding consulting. I want to talk about a whole lotta things, not just mainstream business topics. I am soooooo passionate about personal development, and mental, emotional and financial health. I want the freedom to expand on these topics, and a corporate-style brand name is limiting. 

Under my name, I no longer feel I have to fit into a calculated brand identity. I am the brand. I a multi-passionate entrepreneur with an eclectic set of skills. Time for me to really put myself out there. I am seeing my own value differently these days, and I want to help other see theirs, too.

I hope you stay with me as I talk business, branding and bravery.

Onwards and upwards, brave ones!