Just a few more days of 2017 left!

As we prepare for the New Year, I found myself gravitating to this quote from the Suitcase Entrepreneur. I keep a notebook with scribbles and quotes in it, and about every week - usually on a Sunday eve - I go through it to see what resonates. As someone who has really thought a lot about the word 'failure', I have decided that this is the best definition. 

We only fail if we don't take at least one step.

Even a teeny tiny step will move us forward. Cue Rocky theme song victory music.

No matter how far along you are in your business, there are always going to be first steps. And some will be scary as sh*t. It is not just at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey that we have to take leaps of faith. Oh no, those leaps keep comin', baby! Every time there is a new section of our business to tackle - I like to call them 'segments' - we have to take a deep breath and jump.

Just today, as I was writing sales copy for my new Supermavens coaching program, I had to take that first step of really defining what my signature program is all about, and putting it online. I have talked about it for almost a year, and now I have to jump into the fire. This is a new first step for me. It has taken hundreds (thousands?) of steps before this to get to this point, and now a new set of fears kick in. But I'm SO okay with that. I'm excited, actually. I'm totally down with all of it - the good, the bad, and the ugly tears (should they come).

I'm giving myself a moment of pride today to celebrate how far I have come, and more importantly, I am excited about what I can offer to my clients. Because the world needs more Supermavens.

What fears are you tackling in 2018? Are you ready to take some big steps? Tiny steps? Or just one important step that you know you need to take but are avoiding?

Whatever you need to do, do it now.

Don't let the next year go by without at least one epic moment of fear being replaced with an epic moment of 'YES, I did it'.

To your brave success,