The logo legibility test

This is my quick test I do with ALL logos to see if they are truly legible.

Take your logo and digitally reduce it down in size so it is no more than 1” at its largest point. Put it in a 1” x 1” box to make this easy for you.

Print it out on actual paper, ideally from a mediocre home office printer.

Now –

Can you read every single character? Every letter?

Can you clearly make out any imagery? Are the colors popping off the page? (yellows can be a bust!)

If YES, then great, your logo is officially legible. Rejoice! You have enough differentiation between positive and negative space, and the typography is working.

If NO, then back to the drawing board for modifications. Remember, often people will see your logo on a small smartphone screen. At some point, I can guarantee your logo will have to be teeny tiny to fit on a package, a pdf, a vendor logo banner or something you have not yet considered. Great design from the get-go means you avoid legibility pitfalls down the line.

Start strong + stay visible,